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#224 Coursera CEO Rick Levin: Disruption in Learning and Education

#224 Coursera CEO Rick Levin: Disruption in Learning and Education

The likes of Coursera are altering education dramatically. From greater education to vocational and skills practicing corporate learning departments, web based classes offer high-quality instruction at less expensive than in the past. About this episode, we talk to a web-based education pioneer to discover the outcome of technology on modern education.

Michael Krigsman is definitely an industry analyst and host of CXOTALK.

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Ron Levin may be the Ceo of Coursera. In 2013, he completed a twenty-year term as President of Yale College, where he performed an important role in growing the University’s programs, sources and status worldwide. He was named towards the Yale faculty in 1974 and spent the following 2 decades teaching, performing research, serving on committees and dealing in administration in the college. Ron offered on President Obama’s Council of Advisors for Science. He’s a director of yankee Express and C3 Energy. He’s a Fellow from the American Academy of Sciences and also the American Philosophical Society. Ron received his Bachelor’s degree ever from Stanford College and studied Politics and Philosophy at Oxford College, where he earned a Bachelor of Letters degree. In 1974, Ron received his Ph.D. from Yale College and holds Honorary Levels from Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, and Peking Universities.

thanks for visiting episode number 224 of cxo

talk i am michael Krigsman and i’m an

industry analyst and a number of cxo talk

we’ve this kind of interesting show today

we will be speaking about changes

in greater education as well as in corporate

learning and our guest is Ron Levin who

may be the Chief executive officer of Coursera and Ron was the

president of Yale he was a long

standing president of Yale College

he then upon the market and started this could we

say another career risk thanks for visiting the

doc it had been an entire change so which means you

were upon the market from Yale and you are at

home and doing what you do and also you

made the decision to get Chief executive officer obviously Sarah

how did how did which happen well I had been

really on on on sabbatical from

New Haven arrived on the scene Mike and that i arrived on the scene

to Stanford to take a few time off work after

few things 11 when i got contacted

by someone who’s a senior advisor at

Kleiner Perkins among the investors in

Coursera and that he stated you realize you have

free time Ron you need to stop by

which help us the Coursera and that i would be a big

fan of Coursera we yell would be a partner

and that i read them online learning

experiments at Yale previously stated

sure and that i become discussions with

Daphne Koller and ander around the

co-founders about becoming a type of

consultant for this for on their behalf right

it had been no sooner had I done that that

John Doerr the famous leader of kleiner

perkins was throughout me to state no no

what you truly must do isn’t be see

your consultant become function as the Chief executive officer and

helped build the organization inside it was

usually tempting and since it’s such

an incredible company with this particular with your

an essential social mission we are really

doing great work

so inform us about Coursera this is an

amazing company having a great social

mission so so inform us what’s Coursera

and underlying those activities from the

company what’s that mission okay well

the mission is simple the mission would be to is

to change the lives of individuals by

providing them with accessibility world’s best

education therefore we really are a platform that

best universities we are distributed

worldwide we we’ve using advanced

technology to boost the training

experience so we have arrived at over

over 25 million learners worldwide

three-quarters of these outdoors from the

U . s . States and also you know we provide

courses over the whole spectrum of

human understanding what we present in

relation to you realize shaping a company

model is individuals are pleased to watch the

videos free of charge throughout these courses

but it is only in kind of career relevant

fields that they are willing to cover

credentials therefore the model may be the courses

would like to get kind of certificate that you simply

completed the program you have to pay a really

modest prices on these words like we are

on subscriptions for a number of them now at

forty nine dollars per month other medication is

costing $79 obviously it is extremely

reasonable which is drawing people

throughout to ensure that would be a fundamental start

the we since branched to perform some

other activities however the core clients are

you realize built on free massive open

web based classes which are open anybody and

then people who wish to purchase

certification are beginning to make use of these

credentials as

with educational institution so so

well-known professors are putting their

courses online with Coursera that’s

partners include a few of the top

universities within the u . s . states such

as yale and stanford and college of


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