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7 Best Places to Visit in Hiroshima! | Japan Travel Guide

7 Best Places to Visit in Hiroshima! | Japan Travel Guide

Hiroshima. We all know this city includes a past, however Hiroshima is really a modern, cosmopolitan city with excellent culture, nature, and food.

Hey, guys, I’m Yusuke Nasu, and today’s Japanesquest, I am gonna introduce the 7 the best places to visit in Hiroshima!

No.1 :30 Shukkeien Garden

No.2 1:34 Miyajima Island

No.3 2:52 Mount Misen

No.4 3:50 Mazda Museum

No.5 5:00 Peace Memorial Park

No.6 6:28 Peace Memorial Museum

No.7 7:25 Okonomimura Village

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