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AJMER अजमेर اجمیر ਅਜਮੇਰ আজমীর | 10 Best Places To Visit 👈 | Hindi Video | 10 ON 10

AJMER अजमेर اجمیر ਅਜਮੇਰ আজমীর | 10 Best Places To Visit 👈 | Hindi Video | 10 ON 10

Let’s begin to see the 10 The Best Places To Visit In Ajmer.

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Ajmer is incorporated in the condition of Rajasthan in India. आइये जानते हैं अजमेर में घूमने के 10 प्रमुख स्थानों के बारे में, Aaiye jante hain Ajmer mein ghumne ki achi jagah ke baare mein! AJMER also referred to as the center of Rajasthan is a vital city for tourism in India. It’s a city which both Indian and Foreign vacationers like to visit. Ajmer Sharif Dargah is a vital religious place and recognized to most people. Also places like Adhai Noise ka Jhopra, Nareli Jain Temple, Soniji Ki Nasiyan and Savitri Mata Temple have equal importance. If you value ponds you need to certainly visit Ana Sagar Lake and Lake Foy Sagar. Taragarh Fort shows the prepared side of Ajmer as the Mayo College shows the academic side. For those who have time then do plan going to Clock Tower, Sai Baba Mandir and Prithiviraj Smarak…

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