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BLOCH. Internationale Bloch Gesellschaft (2012)

BLOCH. Internationale Bloch Gesellschaft (2012)

Promoclip for that crowdfunding platform WE Allow It To Be promoting the skill project BLOCH by Swiss artist Duo Com&Com. join here: http://wemakeit.ch/projects/bloch-die-weltreise-eines-appenzeller-baumstamms


BLOCH is definitely an inter- and multidisciplinary project linking contemporary art with folk culture. The project’s participatory and performative live occasions and productions will alter our conventional methods for understanding customs, traditions, festivals, and processions.

The direct products and results of the work includes a traveling tree trunk (“the Bloch”), physical impressions from the tree within the places it visits, and related cultural and social occasions (festivals, processions) in addition to a number of short films.

Particularly, the work centers a classic Circus custom in the Appenzell region. Almost every other year, the final fir tree felled that winter is decorated and pulled by twenty men — on the wagon outfitted with driver, two musicians, along with a blacksmith having a smoking oven — in the village of Urnäsch to neighboring Herisau and back. In the finish during the day-lengthy procession, a corner is auctioned off around the Urnäsch town square towards the greatest bidder along with a masquerade ball follows at night.

Previously, the Bloch continues to be bought at the auction by among the locals to become offer practical use (as material for furniture or shingles, for instance.) However in 2011, the buyers were the Swiss artist duo Com&Com. The artists plan to own trunk a brand new role: rather of simply traveling the relatively short distance backward and forward villages before winding up as building material, the Bloch will travel the planet, departing traces — physical and symbolic, artistic and social — wherever it is going. In a number of stages, the Bloch will visit various countries, getting into a dialog with cultures and individuals foreign into it. In the finish of the journey, a corner will go back to the beginning reason for Urnäsch, Europe.

learn more: world wide web.bloch23781.com


Com&Com began in 1997 by Marcus Gossolt and Johannes M. Hedinger. 
They reside in Zurich and St.Gallen and operate in situ.

Com&Com achieved worldwide recognition in 2001 using their film project with HR Giger, C-Files: Tell Saga, that was asked by Harald Szeemann to become proven in the Venice Biennal. Thier pop song “Side by Side” with Dieter Meier (Yello) arrived at the Swiss Top in 2002, as well as their questionable project featuring the monument “Mocmoc” (2003-07) culminated inside a national referendum. Additionally to such participatory works within the public and social arena, Com&Com has more lately (re)discovered performance classical media for example drawing, painting, and sculpture and subjects for example nature, folklore and tradition.Additionally to solo exhibitions in the Kunsthaus Zürich (2000) and also the Kunstwerken Berlin (2003), Com& Com has took part in group shows in the ZKM Karlsruhe, Kunstmuseum Bern, Migros Museum Zürich, in addition to six biennals. Their first retrospective occured this year at CentrePasquArt in Biel/Europe.

To date, Com&Com has had part in additional than 120 exhibitions in 18 countries, made 22 short films, issued eight CDs and 7 books, and staged a musical. These multifaced artists also organize performances, curate exhibits, work regularly as docents, give lectures, fulfill creative commissions, and conduct academic art research.

Website: world wide web.com-com.ch

Youtube: world wide web.youtube.com/user/comcomvideo

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