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Business Funding, Work Friends, Building Black Towns & Manifesting Success | ETHNICALLY SPEAKING 21

Business Funding, Work Friends, Building Black Towns & Manifesting Success | ETHNICALLY SPEAKING 21

The women discuss how you can fund a company idea if you have virtually no spare cash, if you’re able to be buddies with coworkers outdoors from the workplace and whether it’s advisable whenever you hold different positions of power, if creating self-sustaining Black communities like the Freedom Georgia Initiative would encourage safety or segregation within the United kingdom, and whether it’s easy to manifest success or maybe social networking existence coaches are merely one big disadvantage. Guest starring Marisha Pink, Author, Entrepreneur and Co-Founding father of U . s . Melanin Group.

00:00 Intro

02:56 How can you fund a company idea with little if any cash?

30:08 Are you able to be buddies with colleagues outdoors work?

47:47 Is the development of self-sustaining Black towns the reply to systemic racism?

1:06:03 Are you able to manifest success or are social networking existence coaches a disadvantage?

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LINKS Pointed out Within This EPISODE


(Website – Show notes)

(Video – Black History Month, Startup Side Hustles, #EndSars & Proposing At Weddings ETHNICALLY SPEAKING 20 – U . s . Melanin Group)

https://world wide web.kickstarter.com/

(Website –Kickstarter crowdfunding platform)

https://startups.co.united kingdom/finance/sources/10-ways-to-fund-your-business-without-a-bank-loan/

(Website – 10 methods to fund your company – Startups.co.united kingdom)

https://world wide web.prowess.org.united kingdom/category/funding/

(Website – Prowess Women running a business)

https://united kingdom.gofundme.com/

(Website – GoFundMe crowdfunding platform)

https://world wide web.instagram.com/ciaralondon/

(Instagram – @ciaralondon)

https://world wide web.alibaba.com/

(Website – Alibaba)

https://world wide web.netflix.com/title/70157308

(Tv Show – Only Fools And Horses – Netflix)

https://world wide web.history.com/news/black-wall-street-tulsa-race-massacre

(Article – Tulsa’s ‘Black Wall Street’ Flourished like a Self-Contained Hub at the begining of 1900s – Alexis Clark for History.com)

https://world wide web.amazon . com.co.united kingdom/gp/video/detail/amzn1.dv.gti.10b7896d-6858-e7dc-76bf-ec84404fa7c7

(Tv Show – Watchmen – Amazon . com Prime Video)


(Website – The Liberty Georgia Initiative)

(Video – Criminal Justice, Photos Of The Ex, Period Poverty & Age Gap Relationships ETHNICALLY SPEAKING 16 – U . s . Melanin Group)

https://world wide web.tonyrobbins.com/

(Website – Tony Robbins)


(Website – Brene Brown)

https://world wide web.marishapink.com/

(Author website* – Marisha Pink)

https://world wide web.instagram.com/marishapink

(Instagram – @marishapink)

https://world wide web.leafandlatte.com/

(Website – Leaf and Latte)

https://world wide web.instagram.com/leafandlatteco/

(Instagram – @leafandlatteco)

*Please support Black United kingdom companies by buying your book or ordering it on the internet from among the black-owned independent bookshops right here: https://world wide web.stylist.co.united kingdom/existence/united kingdom-bookshops-diverse-black-authors-books-online/396930


Every week join Anissa, Luanda Yasmin and Sophie Hannah, three smart, curious and opinionated highly-melanated women, because they discuss from current matters to popular culture, and all things in between. No subject is not allowed of these ladies, especially with regards to issues affecting British communities of colour. Prepare to laugh, learn and liberate the mind, if there’s one factor you are able to guarantee, it’s the Ethnically Speaking ladies is going to be passing on for you straight!


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