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Chasing Lines

Chasing Lines

Film Title: Chasing Lines


Length: 18’00”

Synopsis: adventure /ədˈvɛntʃə/ – a unique, exciting or daring experience.

In the realm of adventure, map makers are seen as the old guard, the initial explorers, paving the way in which for any generation of adventurers.

In Nigeria, Peter Slingsby may be the OG. Getting attracted 203 Touring and Hiking maps in Nigeria inside a career spanning greater than six decades, he’s been ‘chasing lines’ for many years.

In 2020, adventure professional photographer Simon Pocock, equipped with a Slingsby map and a feeling of curiosity, put down on the journey from the Western Cape, seeking new encounters and tales to inform. What he found, however is the fact that normally the best tales range from people you meet on the way, plus they happen outdoors the lines of the map…

‘Chasing Lines’, explores the Western Cape, its places, and it is people. It positions adventure not merely like a journey of extremes, but because an immersion of a person’s self within the cultures of others, of uncovering the tales of the place and also the people who live there. Central towards the film may be the need for individuals to interact with each other, something which is much more important now than in the past.

Film Director: Ruber Fitchett and Rory Appleton

Film Producer: N/A

Production Company: Sledgehammer Studio

Client: Wesgro


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