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Chief Motion Series: Chi

Chief Motion Series: Chi

Chief Motion Series: Chi

What’s your company name?

— What’s going on? I am Chi

Where do you turn?

— I’m a painter i operate a clothing manufacturing company / factory which gives different local exporters.

Any webpages?

— On instagram @chichimonster. on twitter @chichimonster http://facebook.com/archiegeotina http://mistermonstersink.blogspot.com

What exactly are you enthusiastic about?

— Existence.

Do you know the top three things for you to do now?

— Eat, Sleep and Paint.

Where would you like to travel?

— I wish to go to numerous places man. Japan, The other agents, I wish to visit the Alps and find out the priests there too. I should also begin to see the Versailles in Paris.

Why is an event memorable for you?

— I’m not sure really. Feelings cause me to feel remember encounters. The greater Personally i think in that memory , I suppose the greater i’ll remember it.

What’s the wedding experience you had?

— My most memorable encounters are available in the dozens however i will not say. They are personal.

Give me an idea to attain?

— I wish to achieve sustainability. Having the ability to survive and revel in my existence generate income wish to within my terms – through things i look foward to. I should also exhibit my works, and paint in various countries.

Words you reside by?

— Every Jordan commercial created throughout the 90s.

Lastly, have you got something regret not doing?

— None for me personally.

Chief Inventory: Two-Tone Day Shirt – Cream/Beige Urban Field Jacket – Black

Music: Heroin through the Velvet Subterranean

http://world wide web.ChiefClothing.com

http://world wide web.ChiefJournal.com


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