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Claudia Rankine Just Us: An American Conversation [CC] [ASL]

Claudia Rankine Just Us: An American Conversation [CC] [ASL]

Many white-colored Americans are ill-outfitted, unpracticed, and uncomfortable speaking about race. In her own new book Just Us: A United States Conversation, award-winning author Claudia Rankine urges her readers to interrupt this cultural silence around race, therefore making visible a brief history of whiteness. She provides an imperative: we have to forge restorative justice by locating the courage to understand, challenge, and talk about white-colored privilege and supremacy. Rankine welcomes you to definitely join the conversation with CHF.

This annual lecture is presented in recognition of Esther S. Saks and her 90th birthday in celebration of her lifetime dedication to culture, curiosity, and social justice and it is presented together with Leadership Greater Chicago.

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