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David Talbot and Sir Michael Moritz: “A Cursed Blessing: The Hidden Gifts in Times of Trial”

David Talbot and Sir Michael Moritz: “A Cursed Blessing: The Hidden Gifts in Times of Trial”

Watch the premiere here on June eleventh, 7pm PDT. Check http://world wide web.baybookfest.org/unbound for further episodes and knowledge on the San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival #UNBOUND virtual series.

Bestselling journalist and author David Talbot (Season from the Witch), founder and former editor-in-chief of Salon, is renowned for his out-of-the-box, headline-making insights on from current occasions to popular culture to hidden history, so it isn’t surprising he authored a disease memoir having a twist. His lauded Between Paradise and Hell: The Storyline of My Stroke thoroughly chronicles the existence-altering year following his massive stroke — annually he writes that “saved” him, and not simply inside a medical sense. Inside a moving account recognized by Dave Eggers as “a deeply affecting study of mortality, ambition and also the priorities assertive who dodged dying to reside better days,” Talbot details a procedure of deeply personal and social transformation.

In the outstanding care he received around the stroke ward of Davies Hospital to daily existence in recovery, this kind-A journalist was made to slow lower significantly, rely on the kindness of others, and discover your day-to-day worth of what truly matters. Toward that finish, he’s launching a brand new venture, a podcasting network operated by San Francisco Bay Area talent and according to progressive “San Francisco values.” David will share his experience and new plans in conversation with Mister Michael Moritz, a journalist, author, and venture capitalist who helped launch a few of the world’s most critical tech companies of history 3 decades. If you’ve ever thought about what good may come of difficulty, or how resilience and humbleness could work together to maneuver mountain tops, you will not wish to miss this fascinating, existence-affirming conversation.

Obtain the books: https://world wide web.baybookfest.org/bookstores/

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