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DOUCE CHINE, a Music Video shot with 5 different cameras: Leica M240 + Lumix GH2 + Lumix GH3 + Panasonic AF100 + Nikon D800

Birth from the “Douce Chine” Project:

Two times annually I’m teaching a 7 days (25 hrs) filmmaking course in Shanghai.

http://world wide web.francperet.com/classes/film-courses/

For that this term, I made the decision to assist certainly one of my buddies, by shooting a music video for his new Album: Douce Chine (China Delight).

This was a interesting task for my students too, once we had the capacity to operate on lighting setup and camera positioning.

Song is all about a man who’s accustomed to travel from France to China, mixing up jet lag feeling with night existence, good wine and wave of exciting emotion spicing up his existence in China.

This 4 minutes video was integrally shot in 10 hrs (2 afternoons) within our classroom that is only 25m2. Which means we’re able to only walk 5 steps max within the different directions from the room.

Why multi cameras shoot?

From my teaching operate in photography and filmmaking, I’m both a professional professional photographer and DP/cameraman. I’m getting plenty of gears which shooting was the right place to place our cameras at the office for that good from the students Nikon D800, Lumix GH2, Lumix GH3 and Panasonic AF100.

I hired certainly one of my Photography students (Richard) to become my primary assistant and that he introduced along his Leica M240 he’d never attempted in video mode therefore we made the decision to try it out with that project.

Music video is where for multi camera shooting while you cannot ask the singer to repeat the very same performance many occasions in a single mid-day. Despite the possible lack of space within our classroom, we were able to squeeze camera to pay for as numerous position as you possibly can within our 3 different teams of background: Simple black background, (fake) Bed and Chinese curtain, Window with (fake) street light reflection. There’s no use to obtain many cameras for action if their position and position of view aren’t both various and matching.

Image bank from extra cameras

Around the image shot for that music video, I give a layer of images I shot in the last years in France and China. These were shot with GH1 (night shots as well as on board shots) Panasonic HVX200 (club and slomo of individuals walking) and HVX200 with Letus Ultimate (Water shot, plane, traditional places…). I adopted track of the HD evolution but my HVX shots (720p 50fps) still looks real good even blew over scaled to 1080p.

Great cams always existed and then any day, I’m able to still grab my HVX200 whether it matches my need on the new project.

Which lenses?

I’m getting some good lenses and that i used a number of my personal favorite with that shooting Voigtlander 25mm f0.95, Nikon AIS 50mm f1.2, Nikon 85mm f1.4 AFD, Computar 75mm f1.4 (an uncommon but cheap Closed-circuit television lens ideal for portrait)

Before the shoot, I purchased a 35mm f1.8G (DX version) that is thriving around the D800 even just in Forex mode when i understood I’d then add vignette in publish. I’m always benefiting from this kind of experimental project to check something totally new without pressure.

The GH2 was hung towards the ceiling on the top from the fan using the Voigtlander 25mm that was wide enough to obtain the establishment shot at the same time. The D800 shared the 35mm and 50mm at f2. The GH3 always used a Speed Booster (useful gizmo which i recommend) using the Nikon 85mm 1.4 that is an incredible lens (older AFD version half cost compared to new G version). The AF103 mainly used the Computar (200 USD lens). For that Leica, Richard introduced along his 50mm f0.95, 35mm f1.4 and 90mm f2.

Individuals 3 lens is more expensive than my complete equipment, but they’re already sharp fully open and obtain their very own character making their full frame image looks a lot more like Medium format camera.

Light and camera settings.

This isn’t an effective camera test because the aim ended up being to complete the background music video shooting. Therefore, we didn’t try different setup on camera or aperture on lenses to check. Rather, we stored everything pretty very similar. I’m used to setup a lighting so that you can shoot at f2 on all camera at ISO200 (base iso for GH2, GH3 and AF100).

This Aperture offers great sharpness on my lenses and in addition it enables me to make use of lenses associated with a position of view from 12mm to 180mm at f2(with speed booster) on M43 (meaning 24mm to 320mm on Forex).

I’m also working at f2 more often than not when i be aware of mixture of lights in a position to deliver this result that is some time and budget saving. There’s some slight correction according camera position versus light position. Playing a little around the ISO or even the aperture are designed for that. However, Richard took it shallow depth of field (f1.4) around the Leica and sets the ISO at 100. Sometime, he went an excessive amount of with that direction (while being near to the subject) and you may observe that a number of Leica’s shots really are a bit out-of-focus as depth of field is simply too limited. I suppose that Richard went so far as f0.95 couple of occasions around the 50mm because of noticeable overexposure on some shots.

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