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Frog Pond Teaser July 2020 WM

Frog Pond Teaser July 2020 WM

More details and previews in our available films are available at:

world wide web.highlandvillagefilms.ca

https://world wide web.youtube.com/funnel/UCfzwGP2WtYNu4USsq_2AIig

Wild and Tame mingle within the highlands of eastern Ontario ~ where we live and work.

One morning I filmed running horses around the hillsides at beginning ~ seen from the direction to my remote small farm. Other days, driving exactly the same roads, Rainer filmed an infant moose feeding on waterlilies, vultures on the tree top, a swamp monster, and left-over villages.

Our films document the passing of time over a long time ~ alterations in environments and human systems. Small farms clutch the hillsides. Disappearing villages huddle in river valleys. Ghost settlements haunt the forests. Nature itself clings to the backwoods character, using its last wild frog ponds and butterfly fields.

These villages are the place to find the final aging kids of pioneer settlers, the final aging back-to-the-landers along with a couple of of the middle-aged children and grandchildren along with a couple of adventurous newcomers. Maqui berry farmers, loggers, artists, musicians, shopkeepers, tradespeople ~ Algonquin, Polish, Irish, Scottish, German, Nederlander, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, British, American. A completely independent, diverse, small population born here or blown here by fate. Some everywhere, all Canadian now.

This endearing village culture will get together with great resourcefulness and it is passion for the land. Mostly the youthful leave for travel, education or work under city lights. A couple of return ~ older and smarter. A couple of newcomers arrive ~ some within their middle years, seeking to not retire, but to operate even harder, earning money at things they love. To satisfy their imagine residing in nature. In this way, it was the existence from the photographers who came here years back, after which spent their days filming and researching the folks and places.

In Your Own Home within the Highlands

Our film team reaches home during these highlands which shape our way of life, and therefore our films. Mary’s family farm is on the back road beyond the disappeared village of Boulter. Small farms, deep forests, flowering marshes and “Misty Rivers” surround her place.

Rainer’s family resides in Maynooth, a village that also includes a service station, general store and publish office. The place to find art and antique shops, small cafe’s, the “Logger’s Games” and “Dirt Dawgs,” it features a fine community center, library, and village school. Maynooth sits in a crossroad resulting in the truly amazing backwoods reserve of Algonquin Provincial Park

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