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How Lendio Saved the American Dream with Loans

How Lendio Saved the American Dream with Loans

Brock Blake may be the founder and Chief executive officer of Lendio, a industry for small company loans. Lendio offers borrowers use of loan options from more lenders than every other marketplace in the market.

Brock continues to be building his company for pretty much ten years and elevated greater than $100 million in investment capital. 2020 has extended his team and tech to new heights, as they’ve facilitated over 100,000 PPP loan approvals and also the issue of $8 Billion in funds.

Within this conversation, Aaron and Blake discuss why Brock pivoted from his first company, the difficulties and constraints of scaling, and also the values he’s drilled into his company culture.


:00 – Interview with Brock Blake, Chief executive officer

1:50- What’s Lendio?

11:24 – Adjusting to COVID

18:41 – How Lendio Helps Small companies

28:47 – Mistakes that Brock learned from

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