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Johnny Thompson’s Magic Made Easy by L&L Publishing – DVD

Johnny Thompson’s Magic Made Easy by L&L Publishing – DVD

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In the realm of magic, there is no one that takes place in greater esteem than Johnny Thompson. Like a artist, he’s traveled around the globe performing on a number of its most esteemed stages and it has made an appearance on network television numerous occasions. Like a creator and consultant, his advice and counsel happen to be searched for by many people of magic’s top performers.

In case your desire would be to learn magic – so we mean really learn magic – there is no better resource than this DVD as Johnny Thompson demonstrates a number of magic’s classic effects after which shows you how you can perform them expertly. Everything performed and trained here continues to be hands-selected by Johnny for maximum impact and easy learning. Fundamental essentials perfect methods to start your search for the exciting realm of magic – and much more experienced magicians will become familiar with a factor or more! And, like a special bonus, you will see Johnny perform his legendary routine using the Malini Egg Bag!

This really is truly magic done affordably!

Feeling of Touch – A shuffled deck is positioned in to the performer’s pocket who then has the capacity to expertly extract the 4 Aces.

From My Hands – Two packets of cards receive to 2 spectators who shuffle them and choose a card. The chosen cards are exchanged and also the packets shuffled again despite the fact that all this occurs with no artist touching the cards, they can locate fairly easily both selections.

Whispering Queen – A Queen is taken away from the shuffled deck. A card is chosen and came back towards the deck, that is shuffled again. The artist passes the Queen with the deck after which holds it to his ear. The artist then reveals the specific selected card!

My Card Finds Your Card – A shuffled deck is split into halves and also the artist and spectator each have a card from among the halves. Them are came back and cut however when when is reassembled, it’s discovered that the performer’s card is next to the spectator’s selection.

You Need To Do When I Do – Two packs of cards are shuffled and something is offered to some spectator as the other is retained through the artist. Each selects a card and returns it for their particular decks. The artist and spectator swap decks and look for their selected cards however when they are revealed, apparently , each one has made the identical selection.

Gold coin Set up – Four coins are put in the corners of the ordinary handkerchief. The artist covers two coins at any given time with handmade cards and results in these to magically travel individually until all have put together in a single corner from the handkerchief.

Cent and Cent Trick – Two coins are displayed – a cent along with a cent. The spectator constitutes a selection, and also the magician causes among the coins to completely disappear into nothing.

Card Divination – Three cards are freely selected along with a spectator is requested to psychologically choose one. The artist places them into his pocket after which proceeds to get rid of them individually until just the psychologically-selected card remains.

Color Divination – The artist has the capacity to psychically divine the colour, sight unseen, of the freely-selected crayon.

One Handed Knot – The magician holds an overall length of rope in a single hands and results in a knot to right away come in its center.

2 Hands 2 Knots – The artist holds a bit of rope as well as in one deft move, ties two knots in the length.

Shoe Lace Knot – The performers ties an intricate knot inside a period of rope after which causes it to completely disappear having a simple gesture.

Threading the attention from the Needle – A loop of rope takes place within the performer’s fists yet they can instantly thread another finish from the rope with the loop instantly.

Cut and Restored Rope Trick – A vintage of magic done affordably! The magician asks a spectator to chop an overall length of rope in the center. The 2 cut ends are tied together yet in the magician’s command, the knot vanishes and also the rope is discovered to be completely restored.

Sugar Cube Trick – The magician causes a regular sugar cube to enter through his hands, departing only its wrapper behind.

Mystic Ashes – Ashes are applied into the rear of a spectator’s hands. Once the spectator opens their hands, the ashes are actually on their own palm, getting apparently permeated through their hands.

Discover the Matches – An up-to-date form of a vintage swindle! Three matchboxes are displayed, only one of these contains matches. Regardless of how carefully he watches, the spectator isn’t in a position to select the box with matches, even if your boxes are mixed gradually.

Wild birds of the Feather – Three court cards are separated by indifferent cards and placed on the top from the deck. The magician waves his hands and implies that the 3 court cards are actually together!

Lie Detector – A card is noted from the shuffled deck and came back. The artist has the capacity to name the credit card just by asking several questions while feeling the spectator’s pulse.

Double Conjecture – The artist removes two cards from the shuff

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