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#KatBryTravels to Albay

#KatBryTravels to Albay

As a couple, Bryan and I love to travel, explore different places and experience diverse cultures. Of course, on the top of our to-explore-list is our beautiful country, the Philippines. With its islands of more than 7,000, there is so much ground to cover, mountains to hike, beaches to hike and sights to see.

Join us as we explore Albay, specifically Misibis Bay and Mt. Mayon. Misibis Bay is one of the region’s luxury resorts and Mt. Mayon is the pride of Bicol as it is one of Philippines’ most famous attractions.

Lots of eating happened in between these videos because Bicol is also known for their very spicy and delectable cuisine. Unfortunately we were too busy eating that we forgot to document them. They were, however, well-documented in our tummies. ๐Ÿ™‚


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