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London 2012 Bid Video

London 2012 Bid Video

The Olympic games is the biggest sporting event in the world
We would be honoured to host the 2012 summer Olympic games
We love sport
We love watching it
And we love playing
So hosting the Olympics would be the ultimate dream for a nation well known for hosting world-class events
We would make the Olympics an unforgettable experience.
Holding the Olympics in London would be good for sport
Sport England already invests significantly in developing sport
The benefits will reach well beyond sport
Economically the entire nation
With events and fan parks spread across the whole country
Fans are expected to spend over 5 billion pounds
With three million international visitors
Contributing over 3 billion pounds to the UK economy
The Olympics would also benefit
From a mature commercial and broadcasting market
Above all it would be the chance for England’s many diverse cultures
To throw the biggest party we’ve ever seen
It’s obvious why we want to host the Olympics
But why sould London be chosen?
We have fantastic stadiums
And every one has top quality facilities
With the experience of hosting big events every week
Which are shown all around the world
It’s easy to get here and to travel around
And once you’re here
There’s a huge range of places to stay
And fantastic choice of things to see and do
We promise a warm welcome to the athletes and fans
From all 216 competing nations
Because we have communities from every nation on earth
We’ll make every visitor feel at home
This mixture of diversity and passion
Will mean an electrifying atmosphere at every event
It isn’t just us who will benefit
The ECC already supports sport development around the world
An Olympics in England would allow us to work with even more countries and young people
England is invited the world is invited
We would be proud and honoured to host the 2012 Olympic Games

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