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Meet Lauchlan Leishman

Meet Lauchlan Leishman

Melbourne-based triathlon athlete Lauchlan Leishman is definitely an enthusiastic traveler with a love for connecting with other people. With a love for triathlons, Leishman has spent nearly all his existence get yourself ready for various occasions.

Having a competitive spirit along with a lust for adventure, Lauchlan Leishman has competed in a number of Ironman challenges worldwide. After training virtually every day for quite some time, Lauchlan first started competing in smaller sized occasions. Gradually Leishman labored his in place and finally completed and grew to become an Ironman Triathlete. Swimming, biking, after which running the Ironman is recognized as probably the most demanding physical occasions to pass through. Though Leishman continues to be lucky enough to compete in Ironman occasions all over the world, he wishes to eventually undertake the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona.

Though Lauchlan is deeply enthusiastic about triathlons and appreciates the amount of fitness he’s needed to keep for effective occasions, also, he enjoys the traveling that is included with the game. Being part of a residential area for such sporting occasions, Leishman has already established the chance to visit around the world. Getting developed with curiosity about different cultures, Leishman happens to be wanting to experience techniques used in existence.

Connecting with individuals around the globe continues to be beyond rewarding for Lauchlan Leishman. Finding new places and immersing themself in most that locals have to give you continues to be a number of Lauchlan’s favorite moments. Ultimately, Leishman wishes to visit every continent and experience different cuisines and views.

Continuing to move forward, Lauchlan Leishman intends to still focus on his psychical ability in order to compete in a few of the world’s toughest competitions. Though Ironman World Championship is towards the top of his list, Leishman can also be available to finding new triathlons in other areas around the globe. Lauchlan wishes to eventually reach Altriman and also the Embrunman in France, the Enduroman (which spans both London and Paris), and also the Norseman in Norwegian.

To learn more about Lauchlan’s travels and sporting occasions, take a look at his last way blog publish or interact with him on LinkedIn today!

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