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Morocco – A Travel Video

Morocco – A Travel Video

I will take you guys with me what i have seen on my vacation this year. This year i finally got to see the land of where my parents were born which is : Morocco. It was an amazing expierience and i have seen some amazing place’s.

Due to my ”Standard” Vimeo account you cannot justify the amazing 1080p video since this video is downscaled to 720p because of my ”Standard” Vimeo account, you can excpect a 1080P video soon as i will upgrade to a Vimeo Plus account

Places i visited :

– Sidi Kacem
– Chefchaouen
– Rabat
– Walili
– Kenitra
– Oum Rabia
– Moulayidriss
– Akchor

Technical talk :

Due to Vimeo’s compression you as the viewer cannot benefit from the original files which look WAY better than what you are seeing here.

Camera : 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern RAW video ( this video was 100% shot with Magic Lantern RAW)

Lenses : Samyang 14MM and the Canon 24-105 F4
Filters : Cheap Fotga ND filter

Grading : Grading was done in davinci resolve, with the amazing luts from Visioncolor’s IMPULZ LUT’s, to be exact i only used the ”Kodak 5219_FC” lut. Export in DNxHD 10bit.

Other : Glidecam HD 4000

Workflow : RAW to DNG -> Grade -> Export in DNxHD -> Import to Adobe Premiere Pro -> Gamma correction in Premiere Pro -> Add 35mm grain – > Export to Vimeo standard.

Song : Rhian Sheehan – Little Sines
Buy their song right here ! : https://itunes.apple.com/nl/album/little-sines-single/id589145360

Copyright to the video material goes to (me) Bader Bouta. Copyright for the music goes to Rhian Sheehan.

Business related questions or queries you can mail to : bader1995@hotmail.com

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