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Ocean Acidification: Causes, Time Scales and Consequences – 2012 Dickson Prize Lecture

Ocean Acidification: Causes, Time Scales and Consequences – 2012 Dickson Prize Lecture

The person receiving the 2013 Dickson Prize is ecological researcher François M. M. Morel, who’s world-famous for his contributions towards the knowledge of biological and chemical processes that influence the cycling of elements within the Earth’s ecosystem. Morel has completed extensive research that elucidates how trace metals change up the growth and activity of phytoplankton, that are a vital element of the ocean’s food chain along with a key regulator of co2 levels. Also, he has discovered a brand new type of enzymes that play a vital role within the transport of co2 within the Earth’s atmosphere.

Morel’s work continues to be broadly identified by the scientific community. He was awarded the C.C. Patterson Medal in the Geochemical Society, the Maurice Ewing Medal in the American Geophysical Union, the Urey Medal in the European Association for Geochemistry and also the ENI Award’s Protection from the Atmosphere Prize. He has additionally been elected towards the Nas.

Morel is presently the Albert G. Blanke Professor of Geosciences at Princeton College. He received his bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and master’s degree in engineering in the College of Grenoble in France, and the doctor’s degree in the California Institute of Technology.

Dr. Frederick Z. Dickson, a Pittsburgh physician, and the wife, Agnes Fisher Dickson, provided funds within their wills for Carnegie Mellon College to award a yearly prize to the people who make outstanding contributions to science within the U . s . States.

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