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Pedra da Gávea

Pedra da Gávea

On my trip to Rio de Janeiro Brazil for the Olympics Games I had the opportunity to explore a little bit more of Rio towards the end. Although there are a lot of wonderful places to explore, this one specific spot was always on my mind. I would travel back and forth by car from Copacabana to Barra de Tijuca and I would pass this huge mountain rock all the time. I asked the locals if it was possible to reach the top. They said yes but it is very hard. I decided to accept the mission and take the challenge. After many intense levels of hiking and climbing and almost falling off the mountain, yes literally! I finally made it to the top. This was the moment all the weight lifted off my shoulders and all my energy re-charged. There was only one thing left to do. Drone baby, Drone!

Special thank you to Marcos! And our climbing team for successfully getting up and down the mountain safely! Trihlas do Rio de Janeiro!

Elevation 844meters (2,769ft)
3 hours to hike/climb up to the top


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