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Places to Visit in Serbia Europe, Tourist Attractions in Top Cities – Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica

Places to Visit in Serbia Europe, Tourist Attractions in Top Cities – Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica

Serbia is situated in the South-eastern a part of Europe and characterised by great mountain and hillsides. Nature has truly fortunate the nation with more than 15 peaks, five nature and intact natural plant life. Serbia can’t be learned around the books, but it must be explored and toured step-by-step beginning using its historic and geographical region. Serbia is a great tourist place having a continental climate. The nation offers its visitors with beautiful attractions to determine and uncover it.

This video includes the very best places to go to in Serbia if you’re searching to go to Serbia this video showcases the places that you should visit in Serbia.

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They are 5 best metropolitan areas of Serbia:


Belgrade may be the capital of Serbia and something of Europe’s earliest metropolitan areas. It’s a modern city along with a political, administrative and cultural core country. The archaeological sites are located in great figures within this area of the city in very distant history. There are lots of inviting places in Belgrade like the Stambol gate, Belgrade fortress Old palace and many more. To obtain a better knowledge of a brief history of the nation, the historic museums in Belgrade provides you with an excellent picture of their past.

Novi Sad:

Novi Sad is definitely an elegant city with elegant parks, bars and outside cafes. The town is quite youthful and hosts certainly one of Serbia’s largest music festivals. Novi Sad may be the capital from the province of Vojvodina, an autonomous region with 6 official languages and 26 ethnic groups. When compared with the majority of the metropolitan areas within the Balkans, it’s more ornate and vibrant with intriguing architecture. Novi Sad can also be set is the European Capital of Culture in 2021, and also the only city in Europe that’ll be holding this type of esteemed title.


Subotica is really a small multicultural city with simply a hundred 1000 occupants. The languages are diverse within this city around its religion. A traveller is definitely enchanted by its wonderful architecture that is built-in a wide variety of art style and age. The majority of the structures are adorned with beautiful ceramic tiles, wood carvings, floral motifs and stained glass window. Subotica also offers great natural wealth with Lake Palic to be the favorite attractions within the city.

Kopaonik Park

Kopaonik is among the greatest mountain range in the united states, as well as in 1981, it had been announced a nationwide Park. The good thing about the mountain originates from the reliefs of evergreen forests, mountain peaks and oceanic Turquoise Mountain where one can begin to see the distant Stara Planina and Sara Mountain and it is breathless sight. A lot of rare plant species helps make the park an essential bio-diversity area in Serbia.

Tara Park

The Tara Park was titled a nationwide Park almost 30 years ago situated in western Serbia. The park is renowned for its thick forests, beautiful peaks and deep caves. You will find boat journeys and white water rafting organised through the park towards the Drina River Gorge. It’s types of plants and animal species. Along the path of mountain streams and rivers, the waterfall can also be area of the impressive beauty. The park has facilities with great accommodation together with children’s camp area.


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