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Research Seminar: Investigating Spatial Formations Beyond Scalar & Disciplinary Boundaries

Research Seminar: Investigating Spatial Formations Beyond Scalar & Disciplinary Boundaries

October 5, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Sascha Delz. Assistant Professor, USC School of Architecture

Architectural and concrete researchers having a background in design are frequently caught in the center of disciplinary research dogmas and norms. Yet this is often an advantage: While designers will often have to meet up with scientific methods and standards, they’re frequently much less limited and biased by particular research paradigms. This openness can and should be thought about an excellent when attemping to understand more about and comprehend the complexities, ambiguities, and incompleteness from the three-dimensional, built atmosphere.

Showing facets of his research on urban transformation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Delz will address the specific decisions to determine an assorted approach and framework. Mainly with different situation study methodology, the study could be understood as an accumulation of spatial probes that oscillate between in-depth and punctual systems analysis, in addition to between qualitative and quantitative enquiries. Through this, the probes not just let the tracing from the more abstract amounts of global systems, politics and economic processes, but additionally allow description from the interrelated and tangible outcomes of local spatial formation and architectural production on the floor.

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