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Sparks by JC James video DOWNLOAD

Sparks by JC James video DOWNLOAD

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The area: Vegas, Nevada. The topic: The elusive, master of sleight of hands, Mr. JC James. The work: Sparks. The Aim: spark your imagination and creativeness with a number of impromptu miracles, using rubber bands, coins, cards and dollar bills. Real life, attempted and true routines from the significant arsenal of among the busiest working professionals in Europe. Here’s what you’ll get: Spin: Result in a lent pencil, pen, or sharpie to completely disappear and appearance having a flourish in the fingertips while using incredible new technique. You will be performing that one minutes after watching. Latex Slydini: Borrowing from your old Slydini technique, A lent rubberband is rather put into a magicians hands while his wrists are held by spectators to help keep everything fair. Once the hands is opened up, the rubberband has COMPLETELY disappeared only to get replaced by another object like a dollar bill or perhaps a pack of matches or perhaps a folded playing card. You can do this NAKED! POG Production: 4 aces literally get noticed of the tabled deck and to your hands having a single touch of the ungimmicked pack. A great method of getting right into a 4 ace routine. Wave Change: A rhythmic metamorphosis of 1 playing card into another that occurs at chest height. Super easy to do and appears better live than you are on camera. Your audience will like it! ACAP (As Near As You Possibly Can): 4 cards are put face-up into four different places within the deck. Them are squared and tabled. With no funny business, they’re found altogether in the heart of when. Fake Tilt: As it would seem, this can be a form of the tilt that is equally as beautiful because it is unorthodox. Includes single and multiple card variations. CHLAK: A distinctive 4 for 4 type switch which has both natural timing along with a unique aesthetic. Here you’ll learn to utilize it like a manufacture of a four of the kind, for any collectors routine as well as for a telephone number conjecture. Fan Change: This appears like you are utilizing a gimmick to produce a color change of the card in a fan of cards, but it is completely impromptu. Clean Transpo: A 2 card transposition done very quickly. A card locked in the hands instantly trades places using the top card from the deck. Drunk Production: This is likely to be considered a favorite. Its. it’s Bold. It’s offbeat. An interestingly visual individually manufacture of a four of the kind, a wild interlude a transformation from the four of the kind into another. Should you work behind a table, you’d be remiss to not give mtss is a try. UnSleeve: A singular method to vanish and reproduce a gold coin while using spectators outstretched hands. Behind the Pressure: An imaginative method to influence selecting a playing card that can make you smile. T2P: A really dynamic routine that will certainly get audible gasps from lay audiences. A card is freely selected and signed. The magicians states he’ll make the card to go to his pocket magically. Because he waves within the card, gradually it begins to vanish, piece by piece. The magician asks the spectator to state stop. When she does, he removes his hands to exhibit only area of the card remains. The spectator reaches in to the magicians pocket and all of those other SIGNED card can there be!

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