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Susan Athey: The Impact of the Internet on the News Media

Susan Athey: The Impact of the Internet on the News Media

Susan Athey, Financial aspects of Technology Professor at Stanford Graduate School of economic, gave a lecture at Carnegie Mellon College around the impact from the internet in the news media.

The lecture was area of the Science, Technology, and Policy Forum at CMU, which aims to spark dynamic, campus-wide dialogue on scientific and technology as well as their potential societal and policy impacts. Through the academic year, CMU will host recognized internal and exterior thought leaders who’ll expose faculty, students, and staff to ways that research extends past the laboratory. The forum also provides the Pittsburgh community an chance to listen to leading scientists, technologists, and policy experts discuss their fields, potentially promoting science like a critical public good. All lectures and panels are available to the campus community and public.

For additional, visit: http://world wide web.cmu.edu/uls/science-technology-and-policy-forum.html

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