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The Captain

The Captain

Film Title: The Captain

Country: The country

Length: 04’34”

Synopsis: The almadraba is definitely an ancient art of bluefin tuna fishing, which presently survives in very couple of places. Included in this, Conil en Frontera, an angling village of twenty-two 1000 habitants, in southern The country. Tradition and sustainability are signs of the fishing from the almadraba, as well as individuals of Conil, which today has in tourism certainly one of its primary methods for existence.

But bluefin tuna isn’t just an respected gastronomic product. It’s culture, struggle, organization, work, heritage … it’s a method of being and being before existence, what town that increased under its protection, Conil en Frontera.

Conil owes its existence towards the ocean, to bluefin tuna, and also to the almadraba. Conil isn’t understood without comprehending the almadraba and it is organization. Using the captain from the trap in-front, along with the legacy that’s still transmitted from parents to sons.

Film Director: Juan Cernadas

Film Producer: Sergio Ceballos

Production Company: INNOVA FILMS



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