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The Scorpion kiter

The Scorpion kiter

This video is all about well know Pro Kiteboarder and who owns EPICKITES Dimitri Maramenides getting a legendary time on a trip together with his wife during these exotic places.

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Website: https://world wide web.epickiteskiteboarding.com/

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Epic Kiteboarding Store: https://store.epickiteskiteboarding.com/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/dimitrimara

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Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/epickites

Youtube: https://world wide web.youtube.com/user/epickites/

Epic Kites, a household owned company, started with two simple, but remarkable goals. To produce unique, top quality, high end kiteboarding products, and back individuals products with customer support that’s unparalleled in the market. Dimitri Maramenides, frequently hailed because the hardest working man in kiteboarding, and wife Helen Trotman, operate Epic Kites along with a gifted group of professionals. This team values customers as well as their interest in equipment that fits their riding needs, and repair that exceeds their expectation – every time.

Our video section is loaded and filled with entertaining short kite videos which get you more looking forward to riding and learning something totally new once again. Share the stoke in our worldly adventures in amazing kite destinations for example A holiday in greece and South america, or hear what local riders experience in an Epic demo within our testimonial section. There are also out information regarding our kiteboarding products and travel accessories to deal with every single question. Make sure to return frequently as Dimitri is definitely updating our action packed video content.

Kiteboarders from around the globe are enthusiastically asking about our kites, kiteboarding boards, control bars, and Fully Stand Up Inflatable Paddleboard (SUP) products. We have a relevant video for your! Whether you’re seeking tips about the Screamer, Infinity, Renegade, Surf or Junior Pro, you’ll find solutions in those energetic, how you can, action packed, and frequently humorous videos. We’ll even add in the odd blooper reel! Relax, grab a beverage and revel in!

Music by: Jazac – Paintrain

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