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The Seven Scents

The Seven Scents


Performative action

Media: costumes, 7 deck chairs, 7 atomizers (scent contents various), scent strips, 7 CD players with earphones

Dimensions: 20’x4’x3’

Soundtrack duration: 1-5 min. loops

The Seven Scents is really a seem-scent journey that utilizes, as an item of departure, the legendary exoticism and adventure from the Seven Seas. The Seven Scents offers an occasion for virtual travel. Individuals high volume tourist population from the performance locale, the work presents choices for traveling via a sampling station of matched smells and sounds connected with travel. Each group of smell/scent is known as after among the Seven Seas (e.g. Scent No. 2 North Atlantic is combined with the sounds of the airport terminal terminal). Cruiseship deck chair recliners face the waters of Lake Ontario and enable passersby to lie back, relax, pay attention to a number of soundscapes and inhale the ambiance of travel via freshly sprayed scent strips. Like health spa therapists, the performers lightly facilitate each lounger’s sensorial reverie.

Transportation and memory are a couple of key way of escape within the effort to find a way. Transportation is conjured and memory is triggered via a number of white-colored noise sounds recorded at seven targeted sites associated with travel, in-between states of transitional spaces i.e. bus stations, airports, etc. These places by which travelers are frequently stuck offer, ironically, an area for reverie and contemplation where the entire process of getting there’s frequently more enlightening than really coming. The number of scents is dependant on the need for escape in conjunction with the unavoidable everyday. Utilizing a base of the mass-created perfume, a perfume that promises ‘an sea breeze passing over floral and exotic notes’, seven related eau de toilette scents were concocted. They use a base note of salty ocean and incorporate publish-industrial smells inside the top, bottom and middle notes. Distilling seem and scent, romance and reality, the piece contemplates the fantasies of escape and also the odious actualities of tourism.

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