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Three foreigners on trip in Barcelona [Travel Vlog]

Three foreigners on trip in Barcelona [Travel Vlog]

One of the top trip of the year 2016! What a great host + company! I was annoying my friends with my camera around the Barcelona to capture these great moment that I would like to share with you guys. I was recording literary nonstop.

Why this name ? Because it was an international trip of three housemates living together in London. Idea came quick, tickets were cheap and cool trip could have started :p

Me, crazy Easten Europien guys from Slovakia, yea that’s me :DD
Aitor – Spanish guy and the proponent of world peace
Jason – Ozzi guy from far Australia, always serious guy on top of everything
Cessar – out tour specialist for hidden places in Barcelona

We were hosted by Aitor, my Spanish former housemate, but he’s more friend to me. We could not have had better trip like with someone originally from Barcelona. This video is not just video from our trip, this video will remand us our great time we had down in Barcelona, our remembrance.

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