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Top Places to visit in Hyderabad I “Hyderabad” Must visit places

Top Places to visit in Hyderabad I “Hyderabad” Must visit places

Must visit places or TOP Places to visit in Hyderabad. Are you aware that Hyderabad was ranked as the 2nd best place in the word to see – by an annual survey by National Geographic’s Traveller Magazine?* Hyderabad is a historic city known for its many monuments, museums and mosques. Hyderabad has one of the richest and most colorful history which is accentuated by magnificent architecture and a rich heritage – a history that extends through time for more than 400 years!
Best places to visit in hyderabad.
All about Hyderabad Tourism and Telangana Tourism
In this video, we will take you to some of the must visit historical places of Hyderabad

Places Covered:-
1. Charminar -A global icon of Hyderabad, said to have a secret tunnel that leads to the Golconda fort and no one knows where to find them yet!
2. Golconda Fort – It was this place where Kohinoor and hope diamond was found.Standing atop its peak, you can see the entire city scape of Hyderabad
3. Chowmahalla Palace – Located near Charminar ,it consists of 4 palaces and hence named Chowmahalla Palace.Khilwat Mubarak, ans Clock Tower are a must visit.
4. Qutub Shahi Tombs – There are 7 generations of kings resting in these tombs. A perfect place for a relaxed evening walk.
5. Salar Jung Museum – One of the largest one man collection of antiques in the whole world named after his name “The Salar Jung Museum”.
6. Nizam Museum -A Repository of souvenirs showcasing the ancient cultures of Nizams.

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* https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Hyderabad-ranked-2nd-best-place-in-world-to-see-in-2015-Magazine/articleshow/45315848.cms

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