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#TourismStrong: Llamas, Lockdown, and Adventure Travel in Bolivia

#TourismStrong: Llamas, Lockdown, and Adventure Travel in Bolivia

“It hit like a ton of bricks.” Like most places around the globe coronavirus and the ensuing quarantine descended upon Bolivia quickly and without warning. For Alistair Matthew and Derren Patterson of @Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking this meant finding new and offbeat ways to generate income for their staff in a country where unemployment benefits are nonexistent and one in every ten people work in tourism.

“The sense of adventure and travel is part of our anatomy as humans. If we’re able to do it in a better way, then we can all look back on this and say this was for the better in the long run.” Fortunately, Bolivia is a destination primed for socially distant travel and the same could be said for mountain biking, but how are they getting by in the meantime? Llama Zoom bombs. To keep Bolivia on travelers’ radar and generate income for the llamas’ caretakers, Bolivia’s national animal, and resident of some of the country’s most incredible landscapes, can pop onto your Zoom call, winning your heart and just maybe putting Bolivia on your post-COVID travel bucket list. Book a llama for your next Zoom call at https://callallama.com

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Learn more about Gravity Bolivia at https://www.gravitybolivia.com/

You can find the rest of the videos in this series at https://www.glpfilms.com/tourism-strong

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