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WeAreHereAndWeAreEverywhereAtOnce FlatTopHill: 2017

WeAreHereAndWeAreEverywhereAtOnce FlatTopHill: 2017

Movement and landscape in flux, five figures cut between times and places. In this new cartography that is here and everywhere, they take on the rhythm of an altered place.

Exploring the persistent urge to be attached to places and have profound ties with them in an era of virtual travel, we are here and we are everywhere at once is a moving image installation created by an international collaboration. Russell Scoones (NZ) creates compositions sourced from sound harvested in physical environments. These sounds are then combined and manipulated to achieve an empathic sound world of depths and textures. Carol Brown (NZ) specialises in the creation of collaborative choreographic events. Through a visceral poetics arising from the fugitive knowledge of the body, she engage audiences in imaginative journeys. Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli (UK) playfully address the position of the self in relation to technology, examining ideas of player, performer and visitor, intertwining familiar tropes of videogames and art traditions of figure & landscape.

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